Rumah Cahaya Kasih Bestari is a very unique charity. The establishment of this house in 2010 is based on the sense of responsibility of Mr Khushairi Bin Osman, the founder and Chairman, Darul Hanan and his Committee Members to bring together the unfortunate among the disadvantaged and to defend the fate of the children who lost their parents.His hope is to make Rumah Cahaya Kasih Bestari a place of refuge for the children who need it and ensure they have a better life for the future as well as instill positive family values among themselves. Then, on November 21, 2011, Rumah Cahaya Kasih Bestari began accepting a group of 45 boys and girls. To date, this house has benefited nearly 73 children of 18 girls and 55 boys. Mr Khushairi then set up another branch of Rumah Cahaya Kasih Bestari in Subang Perdana, Shah Alam to accommodate all the children. Rumah Cahaya Kasih Bestari is expected to shed light on the underprivileged human life especially for orphans. The rapid development of Klang valley indutrial areas requires social equilibrium where the disadvantaged also need to be defended to meet social and spiritual needs. It was also created on the basis of contributing to the community in the vicinity, where there are still many orphans and poor people who have not received the attention and protection and with the realization that no one else will help these children except the surrounding community.Social symptoms are affecting Muslim youth in our country is very scary. Information and data exposed daily assures us that the current flow of destruction is more and more. If it's not the right thing done, we fear that we will be late in saving most of the generation of assets Future countries. Many parents have complained about children's behavior and behavior those who are more worried. Every child trapped with these negative symptoms seems unable to find a way back to Allah Almighty. Who can change them while they are also learning and educated in their respective schools. They are actually caught in the trap of lust and demon. They need to be restored. As a caring and knowledgeable community member, some individuals have taken the initiative to establish a Loving Care Center


The Care Center aims to build close relationships with all groups of people in order to help one another as a key agenda in achieving a happy life in the world and in the hereafter. Such relationships will drive the rich to act as 'banks' to society and they will be able to solve the problems of the poor and needy. At that time, the atmosphere of the loving community will be lively and beautiful with a helping nature, cooperation and cooperation. The Muslim community will grow fast and love the human relationships. Relationships with the rich and the poor are intimate. There is no difference between people and no crime and social symptoms as a result of stress and hardship. Finally there is unity and cooperation. Problems in society can be resolved by the generosity of the rich and the effects of their barrenness. This is the society that all nations and religions aspire to.